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James F. Grove

On January 28, 1933 at approximately 1:00 pm. Officer Grove was exiting Rock Creek Park onto Blagden Avenue in the right lane when the Force issued motorcycle he was operating was struck from behind by a car on a curve in the road.

Officer Grove was thrown from his bike and hurled down an embankment. He was transported to Walter Reed Army Hospital where he died a short time later from a fractured skull and internal injuries.

The operator of the vehicle and the two occupants were charged with manslaughter.

He left a wife and eight children.  Officer Grove was an Army Veteran and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

From the Archives of the Washington Post



Father of Nine Is Hurled 60 Feet on Motorcycle; Youths Unhurt.

January 29, 1933

Hurled 60 feet through the air after his motorcycle was dealt a terrific glancing blow by a light coupe careening around a curve on Blagden Avenue in Rock Creek Park yesterday afternoon. Private James Francis Grove, 46, of the United States Park Police, was fatally injured.

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