For  those of us who have served, the Force will be with us....always.


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Officer of the RUSPPA Board


Charles McLane, President -2019

Carl Holmberg, Vice President 2018

Bob Hartley, Treasurer/Newsletter Editor - 2017

Chester "Pearl" Perlinski, Secretary - 2018

Harry "Chip" Connor, Director - 2019

Bob Harvey, Director - 2017

Jim Matarese, Director - 2017

Charlie Stebbins, Director - 2018

Katie Swarthout-Fowler, Director (Active Duty Members) - 2019


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George Weaver,  Sgt-at-Arms

Tony Ferraro, Historian

Beverly Connor, Admin Assistant to the Board

Colleen Wilkins, Photographer

Bob Hartley, Editor

Andy Rosenhamer,  Get Together Liaison

Curtis Shane, Web Administrator



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